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FC Dallas is committed to supporting programs and non-profit organizations that make a positive impact in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Depending on the nature and reach of the event, FC Dallas annually assists organizations via in-kind donations of team memorabilia ranging from tickets, photos, t-shirts, hats and other merchandise.

Guidelines: • All requests must be submitted online. • Requests must be received six (6) weeks prior to the event date. • Submitting a request does not guarantee a donation. • Requests will be responded to via email only, one to two weeks prior to the event. • FC Dallas will only donate directly to 501(c)(3) organizations - no third party requests. • FC Dallas DOES NOT accept fan merchandise or personal items for the purpose of autographing. Items sent will be returned to sender immediately. • Requests can only be assisted once a calendar year to an organization.
*Phone, fax, mail, e-mail or incomplete requests will not be accepted.
Completion of this form does not guarantee a donation. Please be aware that we attempt to fulfill as many requests as possible and cannot guarantee that every donation request will be met.

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